Everything is happening all at once!


He just opened the door to my life

The government decrease their level of tertiary funding so now my university fees have quadrupled and I am not sure if I will be able to go back this semester. I have a week to figure something out and the desperation is leading me down paths I do not want to talk. Nothing illegal, though I have thought about it. Just very immoral, even for me. Sigh.

I’ve also gained weight. I am unsure where it came from though. I think I put it on when I had a short stint in the gym this year, but who knows. After drinking and eating myself to my now personal record of 166.8 lbs I am now trying to get back into my regular exercise.

My back is hurting me again. Don’t know the reason this time. It’s also in a different area. I jumped on the workout bandwagon the other night and couldn’t do eight push ups before I had to stop because of the discomfort. Since Monday I have been doing yoga before some light exercises. I think it is working. Slowly (very, almost infinitesimally), but surely.

My love life is imploding. Earlier this year I managed to get almost all the complications down to a minimum. A few months ago it all ballooned. Now I am as in much a mess as I ever was. Maybe more. ¡Ay, caramba!

My sleep cycle is completely shot. Regularly going to sleep later than ever before and while I am getting the same hours as I always have, about 6 hrs give or take a half hour, I am not feeling as refreshed.

I miss her like crazy. The lovesick isn’t as bad as last year but she is in my head often enough to annoy me.

One good thing I have managed to do is consistently keep up with my Italian on the Duolingo site. I am happy about that.

Now to go to sleep and think on today’s crazy events. Lord help me.

Hope life is going better for everyone else!


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