Perhaps if I mention it here…

somedayHiho. My name is Dre and I am a procrastinator. Right now I should be studying for a test I have tomorrow but I am just meandering down the information highway with no sense of direction. So I thought I would pop in and talk about it in the hopes that it would somehow get me going.

As a side note my neck is still fine and I have increased the volume in my workouts as of this week. Goal for this month is to handstand for 30 seconds. Currently, I can get off a second or three? But, that is more luck than strength. I am actively working towards that now. Maybe having short term goals that are more than just being able to do more push ups will keep me from falling off the wagon. Anywhoo…

Pic  of me back

Getting back (get it?) into it.

Off to do some work!

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