What a year…

So 2013 has come and gone. Truly it was probably the most enlightening year I have ever had. I learned alot about myself. I did well and poorly (well in comparison) in school. I found the greatest love I ever knew and lost it in the most abrupt manner. Got back on the writing wagon and fell off again so many times. Same thing with exercise but I was more consistent with that. Even started learning a new language. It really was an extraordinary year.

With so many ups and downs… (and boy were those downs like, way down there) one would think I was glad to see 2013 fade away into nothingness. Truthfully I am glad for every experience I had. 2013 showed me so much. I look at life differently now, that’s how much I have changed. To be fair not every change is totally positive. I am somewhat jaded now but along with that I am much more aware of those around me. I sincerely appreciate that.

On a good note, I am exercising again. No, it isn’t a resolution. I stopped making those things eons ago. If you want to do something don’t wait til the turn of the year. Get in gear and do it. Sometimes waiting for a perfect time leads to a tomorrow that never comes. Anyway, I went to hard at my workouts last year and seemed to have pulled a muscle in my neck that put me out of commission for two months. I resume exercising cause I was tired of not doing anything. The neck seems to be holding up for now.

I made an anime music video. I have been waiting for years til I got a computer with the right amount of processing power and a hard drive with enough space to hold all the episodes I wanted. Frig that. I used an external hard drive (isn’t mine but it has been knocking around here in disuse for almost a year) and I don’t mind waiting the extra time it takes for the video to process. This is what I came up with.

Hopefully now that I have blogged about it, I’ll feel guilted into writing some more stuff. This is my favourite short story I wrote. Be forewarned, it’s only 110 words so it is the definition of short.

I have a few tough decisions to make this year. Some I would rather not have to deal with, but I guess that all comes with getting older. Hmm… I have forgotten how I wanted to end this post but no matter, I think I have said plenty.

Here is to 2014 and I wish the best for all of you!

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