Woke up early this morning, smiled with the rising sun…

‘Music has been proven to improve brain function and organization in both children and adults.  Music also stimulates the brain’s memory function.’

I guess this is why it’s easier to remember something if you can link to a song in some way.

‘Memories triggered by scent have a stronger emotional connection than those triggered by other senses.’

And, considering the women whom I remember most fondly this seems legit.

Anyway.  Just random brain facts I happened to stumble across.

Exams are finished for me and my sleep pattern is messed up.  It was messed up to begin with but, now it’s just entirely whacked.  Falling sleep early, which for me means waking in the the middle of the night numerous times or just waking up super early.

I had something to talk about today but, alack and alas, I cannot recall it now.  So I will just ramble.

As I woke up this before 5am this morning, I had an opportunity to glimpse the first few rays of sunlight coming up over the rooftops.

Sunrise in Barbados

And proceeded to take pictures til half an hour later>.<

On to something else…

It’s weird being as logical as I am.  Or at the very least, it can be somewhat counter-productive.  I kinda touched on this in my first post so I shall use it as an example.  I may be doing something negative.  Let’s say, leaving an important to be done later.  I know this is bad, but even I think this, right after I explain it all away by saying that I work better under pressure anyway.  Which is silly.  And I know it, but the logic!

I think people do this in general but I do it for everything.  Another example would be movies.  A movie could be fine and one small thing could happen that I would find totally preposterous within the confines of that particular story and the whole thing would be colored toilet brown in my eyes.  Case in point.  Avengers movie.  Hawkeye, randomly shooting a Chitauri without looking(or an explanation on how he did it) and Captain America getting involved in the fight between Thor and Iron Man.  Especially the former.  The saving grace here though is that I recognize I do this and I can generally still enjoy a movie once something isn’t blatantly retarded or if the rest of the film makes up for it.

And something else!(Would you believe this is how I carry on conversations?)

I like rap and hip hop.  I like other genres of music but that is my niche.  I have come to realize that for some time now, I have been listening to older music from the the early 2000s and 90s than I have current music.  My niece would have me believe that it’s just that I am getting old but I think it’s just that big rap stars of today are simply ass.  Complete ass.  My main gripe is why do Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj get so much forward?  Usually it sounds like both of them cut lines out of a magazine and stuck them together like a serial murderer?  Is that the metaphor?  Are they killing hip hop?  Smirking in the dark somewhere?  Anyhow that’s a talk for another day.

Enjoy your Sunday.

P.S If you see any really weird grammar it might be dialect.  Ask about it and learn some Bajan!=)

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